Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why won't videos I recorded on a Samsung phone play with sound on my computer?

I have a Samsung C3090 phone and I sometimes use the video recorder to take films. I save them to the micro SD inside the phone and then use a card reader to transfer the files onto my Windows 7 computer. Although I can see the video, the sound never seems to play. I've tried different card readers and I used my friend's Samsung phone to record videos but I got the same problem. Where does the audio file disappear to?|||Sounds like your phone uses an audio codec that is not installed on your computer. There are two solutions:

1) Download and install VLC Player. It has many different codecs built-in and thus can play just about any file from anywhere. This is also the easier option.

2) Download and install a codec pack so that the file can play in Windows Media Player. I use K-Lite codec pack.鈥?/a>|||Try searching for a codec of the kind of media that your phone is using. Klite codec may answer your problem

How to make iTunes work with Samsung SGH-i900v (Omnia)?

I have a SAMSUNG Omnia with the latest official update (I think it is anyway...ACHJ2?) Anyways, I have loads of music on iTunes and I do have an iPod Touch, but I need all the music to work on my phone, is there anyway like of doing this? I know hackers have the answer for everything ! And also is there any good graphic games for free? Thankyou so much!|||Easy doesn't take that long to load it up.

Can you make facebook photos come up when a contact calls on the samsung instinct?

I have seen other phones with this feature. People's profile pic on facebook comes up when they call. You can like sync your phone's contact list up to facebook. Can you do this with the samsung instinct?|||This video will solve that problem and answer ur question for sure:鈥?/a>

How do I copy songs from iTunes to my Samsung P2?

I have just bought a Samsung P2 and have copied a few MP4 video files from Limewire but I can't get it to find the actual songs I have in ITunes. It finds the Artist and Album but it says "No items match your search" when I click on the album.

When I first opened the Samsung Media Studio it automatically found about 50 songs of the thousands I have on iTunes, there doesn't seem to be a pattern.

Am I doing something wrong?|||i have never used itunes but i'm pretty sure there must be a specific folder where itunes stores all the songs or where u have saved all the songs..

go to samsung media studio, click menu, click import, import from folder, go to the folder and then it will add all the files... then connect ur samsung P2:d and transfer them:D.. this is the link for forums where all people with P2 discuss their problems.. there aren't as many people in yahoo answers who have P2:d....鈥?/a>|||Your player may not be compatible with itunes. If you have your music from itunes on cd as backup you could rip them back to your puter and then add them to the Samsung.

How do I get my samsung MP3 player 2 shuffle?

I have a Mp3/MP4 player from Samsung %26amp; I am wondering how 2 get it 2 play songs randomly. I'm tired of it being in alphabetical order. PLEASE HELP!|||Go to menu* then play mode* select shuffle*

Go to music library* select '' Play any track"..*
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  • Does the Samsung Transform have chat styled messaging?

    I'm thinking about getting The Samsung Transform or The Optimus S, but I can't choose. Which has the messaging layout like the Samsung Exclaim, and which is the better choice overall?|||As the first answerer said yes, but to add to the discussion, you could also download an application from the android market called handcent that gives you a cool layout and texting options. Definitely worth looking into.|||yes this phone does

    How do you make the samsung jet FLASH Into a constant light or tourch, also any other cool things you can do?

    Is there anything else cool you can do with the samsung jet, like how to lock it the motion sensor so it doesn't torn into landscape when it's turned.|||LOL goobiehorn. He is right though that's the best.

    Erm.. you can make fake calls (you can find out how to do this in the manual)

    You can record stuff from the radio!? Theres loads.|||Try this... Press Keypad.

    then *#0*#

    then Megacam (7)

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    |||dunno bout trying the above but you can get apps to make torch

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    |||you can look up porn on the internet and take pictures with your phone